Frontpage Carousel for Joomla

We are proud to release yet another free and open source Joomla extension Frontpage Carousel. It allows you to show articles from one or more categories from your Joomla site in a nice carousel view. The carousel is inspired from YUI carousel however it’s written in Mootools since YUI and Mootools don’t play well together.

JConverter 1.2 beta released

Following up the previous post about JConverter 3.x compatible version, we are happy to announce the release of JConverter 1.2 beta which works with latest version of Joomla 3.x. We have tested it with Joomla 3.1.5 and it works great 🙂 This release is available along with the standard 2.5 compatible release JConverter 1.2  so

Dog Boarding in Sweden

For past couple of months, one of our team is working on a exciting project called Tasspass. Tasspass is a concatenation of two Swedish words – Tass and Pass, Tass means “paw” and Pass means “home”. Tasspass is one of the very first dog boarding site in Sweden. We have developed the site from scratch including logo

Dynamic Forms with Drupal 7 FAPI and form states

When it comes to fast paced delivery with better managed things nothing beats Content Management Frameworks, yes there are few outs, but the king Drupal 7 still is far better than its counters just because of de-normalized structure of underlying database and best ever flexibility of taxonomies and relations. Last few days for one of

Code4it Moments

We managed to capture a couple of moments in today’s super hectic Code4it event. Event was a great success, each and every demo was full of ‘wow’ moments. But there can be only one winner and the winners for the season 1 of Code4it event were chmod 777 team (Pradeep and Gaurav). Congratulations to both!!