JConverter for Joomla 3.0 coming soon!

Considering the numerous requests for making JConverter Joomla 3.x compatible, we have been working on it since last couple of weeks. The extension works great with Joomla 3.x, we have tested it with latest stable version of Joomla (3.1.5) as on today. However there are a few things remaining due to which the launch of 3.x compatible JConverter might take another week or so.

First is the design, since 3.x Joomla uses twitter bootstrap’s responsive template by default, we had to change all the templates/views of extension, a couple of them are yet to be fixed. Secondly, JConverter integrates with popular comments extension JComments for importing comments from WordPress but the problem is that there is no 3.x compatible version of JComments yet, which means import comments functionality won’t be available most likely in 3.x compatible release. We thought of integrating it with another comments system which is compatible with 3.x however we simply couldn’t find a comments extension which is as popular as JComments and is open source as well. We are hoping they’ll release the 3.x compatible version soon.

If you haven’t yet decided to move to 3.x then you can go here to download JConverter for your 2.5 site – Download. Stay tuned for launch update on 3.x compatible release of JConverter.

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