Happy New Year 2013!

On behalf of Sopan Technologies team, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2013. 2012 has been a great year and we hope that 2013 would be even more exciting. We plan to add a lot more offering to our existing services like mobile apps, mobile data collection and reporting tools

Did you know? A few SEO facts about Sopan Technologies.

Here are some SEO related interesting facts about Sopan Technologies you may not be aware of. 1) More than 2 million websites link back to our website. Please refer to the screenshot below.   2) Sopan Technologies ranks second in Google.com search results for ‘PHP Web Development‘. Why second? Because www.php.net, the official PHP site

Now there is something for football lovers to cheer about!

Recently we delivered a website called FootballMosaic.com which is a website for true fans of football all over the world. There are hundreds of websites for each popular football team and it’s very difficult for fans to keep track of all the information about their favorite teams. Using FootballMosaic.com, now fans can find all information related to their