First edition of Code4it kicked off!

Code4it, as the name suggests, is a quarterly hack event at Sopan Technologies which is kicking off today. Going forward, we plan to conduct the event on first Saturday of every quarter. Rules are simple – everyone in the organization can participate and at the end of the day, they need to come up with a prototype (or a functional app, if possible) based on an original, novel and innovative idea. People can either participate as teams (max 2 members in a team) or individually.

At the end of the day, each team/participant need to give a demo of what they have built. All other participants would rate the “app” on a scale of 10 without disclosing the score to anyone. Once the demos are complete, we’ll pick 1-3 individuals/teams based on the scores. Essentially no team would end up with “first” or “last” rank.

We are excited to see that everyone has participated enthusiastically in the event and right now, everyone is busy coding furiously. Loving it! Will update the blog with event pictures later on.


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