Micro Jobs Marketplace Application

We are proud to launch our latest offering “Nano Bazaar Micro Jobs Marketplace”. Essentially Nano Bazaar is a Fiverr Clone application developed using the most popular PHP framework Cake PHP.

Nano Bazaar micro jobs marketplace allows you to create an online marketplace where people can offer their services for a small fee (e.g. $5 or $10 USD) and those interested in these services can order the services. Site owners can set a fixed commission which they get for each service ordered and delivered (e.g. $1 USD). This concept was made popular by US site Fiverr.com

Best part about this kind of marketplace is that you don’t need any capital or huge investment to start with, which is the case with many other popular services like Groupon. All you need is a solid application like Nano Bazaar to create a marketplace and PayPal payment gateway account.

There are many sites coming up across the globe for niche markets. e.g. marketplace for logo designs, marketplace for data entry, marketplace for creating web contents, marketplace for advertising and so on. There are many sites which offer all kinds of services and not limited to a particular niche so possibilities are unlimited.

Nano Bazaar marketplace script allows you to set your own currency and price so it’s suitable for any country in the world. You can choose your own commission price which you make whenever a service is ordered on your marketplace. Nano Bazaar is equipped with Web 2.0 features like cool design, Ajax voting and many more apart from solid and secure code base. Those interested in knowing more about the technical details of the script, please feel free to get in touch with us. You can see the feature details here – PHP Fiverr Clone Script Features

You may ask why another Fiverr clone when there are so many micro jobs script available. We understand that there are many solutions available and that’s one of the reason why we are a late entrant in this market since we too thought initially that there is so much crowd already. However based the feedback seen in the forums and comments received from some of our clients who purchased clones elsewhere, we realized that most of these solutions are of sub-standard quality and not at all suitable for production environment. Few of the clients even agreed to sponsor the development of a full features micro jobs application suitable for both small and big clients. Keeping the demand for a affordable yet robust and most importantly “working” solution, we are proudly launching Nano Bazaar marketplace script. We hope you find it worth for the bucks spent on it’s purchase.

For more details on our solution, please visit our product site at http://www.nano-bazaar.com/

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