Introducing CoworkingNext – Management Platform for Coworking Spaces

If you run a coworking space then you would know how exciting it can be. Coworking spaces are fun and great places to work from which is the reason why even large corporations are slowly taking interest in working from coworking spaces.

While coworking spaces are fun and exciting, managing coworking spaces could be a nightmare. We have had the opportunity to work with coworking spaces up and close and in fact, most of our team has been working from various coworking spaces since last 3+ years. While interacting with the management of coworking spaces, we realised how difficult it can get to make things run smoothly. It’s a never ending process – members on-boarding, billing, resources management, organising events and so on.

There are coworking management tools available which are trying to solve these problems however they are mostly expensive and/or too complicated to use. Some of them offer free trials which is great for bigger coworking spaces so they can evaluate the tool before purchase but smaller coworking spaces find it difficult to continue post-trial due to high fees. Further, some of the tools come bloated with features most of which will never be needed by small and mid-size coworking spaces.

To overcome these issues, we build CoworkingNext – the perfect coworking management software for small and mid-size coworking spaces with great features minus the complexity. Some of the features include,

  • Automated Invoicing and Payments
  • Resource Management and Bookings
  • Multiple Space Management
  • Members Directory
  • Events Management
  • Marketing Website
  • Unlimited Drop-In Members
  • Custom Domain

We are also offering a forever free plan for new and smaller coworking spaces with up to 10 members including all the features except custom domain linking. Paid plans start from just $25 USD for 35 members. To know more, please visit

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