Simple Responsive Image Gallery for Joomla

Today we are releasing another free and open source Joomla extension –  Simple Responsive Image Gallery.

As the name of the extension indicates, it’s a simple, lightweight and fully responsive image gallery which also supports HiDPI/retina devices. There is almost zero configuration required and it works out of the box. All you have to do is select the folder from where the module will pick the images. It automatically generates thumbnails for the images under selected folder.

What makes it different and refreshing is that it doesn’t use the boring popup/lightbox effect for showing the image. Instead, it shows in inline with the page with a nice and clean effect. Check the demo here – Demo.

To use the HiDPI/Retina device support, you need all images in double (@2x) size. Default size for thumbnails is 240px x 150px and for fullscreen 960px x 600px. It’s 480px x 300px for thumbnails and 1920px x 1200px for fullscreen images. If a file’s full screen filename is ABC.png then leastjs will automatically request for ABC@2X.png when it detects HiDPI device. All you have to do is have two files as per above mentioned naming convention.

Module is currently pending review in JED hence you can directly download it from here till it becomes available on JED.

This module is based on leastjs jQuery plugin by Kamil Czujowski . 


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