Did you know? A few SEO facts about Sopan Technologies.

February 2, 2012

Here are some SEO related interesting facts about Sopan Technologies you may not be aware of.

1) More than 2 million websites link back to our website. Please refer to the screenshot below.


2) Sopan Technologies ranks second in search results for ‘PHP Web Development‘. Why second? Because, the official PHP site is at number one 🙂

Check yourself by clicking here. This way we manage to save a lot of advertising money on Google Adwords.

3) We rank on page one (usually between 3-6) on search results for ‘Web Design and Development‘. Check by clicking here.

4) Sopan Technologies website ( has a Google page rank of 6 which is higher than most of the websites, specially web applications development companies.

So why not get in touch with us to enhance the SEO of your website? Request a Quote.


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