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Blockchain has taken the technology world by storm due to it’s truly de-centralized nature. With every passing day, exciting new use cases for the blockchain technology are being discovered. It has already become a popular choice of technology in fin-tech and supply chain industries.

Blockchain platforms like Ethereum allow anyone to run smart contracts on their blockchain network. Smart contracts are software programs using which one can create de-centralized applications (also known as dapps) running on blockchain. Cryptokitties is an example of one such dapp.

Couple of popular use cases of Ethereum are ICOs and ERC tokens.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

ICOs have become a popular choice for new ventures to raise money from public via cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethers among others. Instead of taking the traditional route of reaching out to venture capital firms and angels, more and more startups, especially in the blockchain space are raising funds via initial coin offerings.

We work with startups to develop and launch their ICO campaign along with marketing support. If you’re considering ICO for your next venture, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help make your ICO a success.

ERC Tokens

If you’re planning to create your own token/cryptocurrency on Ethereum blockchain, we can help. Ethereum provides the following standards for creation of tokens.

  • ERC-20
  • ERC-721
  • ERC-223

Out of these, ERC-20 is the most commonly used token type. Popular examples of ERC20 tokens include VEN (VeChain), TRX(Tronix) and OMG(OMGToken).

Whitepaper Development

Often we come across entrepreneurs who have a high level idea for a potential business model using blockchain, however they don’t have the necessary technical expertise to come up with a technical whitepaper which explains how the idea is supposed to work from technical perspective. We help startups develop whitepaper based on their requirements. We also carry out the necessary feasibility study to ensure existing technology can make that happen and which platform could be most suitable.

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