Blockchain and Dapps Development

Why Blockchain?

In the recent years, blockchain technology has evolved into a disruptive and revolutionary technology which has the potential to transform nearly every industry. Increased transparency, better security, greater efficiency and reduced costs are some of the reasons that make blockchain a dominant technology today.

We offer many services to help your business run on blockchain.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are programs that run on blockchain to help you exchange anything of value, including money and properties, in a transparent manner. Essentially they eliminate the need of a third party or middleman since your smart contract defines the rules of a transaction and its code is public for anyone of verify.

Using smart contracts, you can build decentralized applications (popularly knows as dapps) for any kind of transaction. As an example, you can build an e-commerce marketplace like Amazon or eBay using smart contracts with a significant advantage that there wouldn’t be any middleman which would help keep the costs and price down for sellers and buyers respectively.

Dapps (De-centralized Apps) Development

Dapps are applications (typically web based) that use smart contracts as the backend. Smart contracts governs the logic and functionality of the application just like traditional backends do, but with a significant difference. Dapps backend code (smart contracts) run on decentralized network, i.e. blockchain, instead of a centralized server.

We can help you build dapps as per your business goals and requirements.

Blockchain Consulting

Since blockchain is a relatively new technology, it could be overwhelming for traditional businesses to understand how it can benefit their business. Our team of blockchain consultants can help you with that.

Even for businesses who understand the technical know-how of blockchain technology, we can help fine-tune their blockchain strategy for the long run since blockchain industry is evolving very quickly and things are changing very rapidly. Our experts keep themselves abreast of all current and future developments in the blockchain industry to ensure our customers make sound decisions and save a lot of money and trouble in the longer run.

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