Introducing Quosera – The Perfect Q&A Platform

Everyone loves Quora. And why not? It’s such an awesome place where you can find answers to virtually anything. After all we are all blessed with the gift of curiosity. The more we know, the less it seems.

While Quora is great at what it does, we believe that are a multitude of use cases for a question and answer (Q&A) platform like Quora such as,

  • Q&A portal for an organisation specific to the organisational needs restricted to employees, e.g. a corporate can use it for orientation of new employees.
  • Q&A portal for an educational/academic institution restricted to faculty and students for specific topics, e.g. a university can use it as an open discussion forum for it’s students on various topics.
  • Knowledge base
  • Public Q&A portal, similar to Quora but specific to a particular community, i.e. Immigration to XYZ Country allowing users to post and answer questions related to immigration to any/all countries.

There can be many more such use cases but the problem is you can’t really use Quora for creating your own Q&A site, forum or community. And this is precisely the reason we developed Quosera, a questions and answers platform, inspired from Quora.

You can use Quosera to create your very own Q&A communities similar to Quora. It comes with a plethora of features most of which are inspired from Quora. Quosera is also ideal for educational and research institutes as it supports TeX and MathML which means you can write mathematical equations in questions and answers as shown below.

Quosera supports MathML and TeX

Quosera also supports oembed for embedding rich media content like YouTube videos, tweets, facebook posts, soundcloud clips etc in questions and answers. To explore more features, visit the site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or check out Quosera FAQs.

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