Down the memory lane: From SopanTech to Sopan Technologies

While searching for some files, I found old logos of the company. Though these old logos are of practically no use as of now but I still remember how much efforts we spent on creation of those logos. It wouldn’t be wrong saying that they are still very close to our heart – as much as the current logo. And it’s not just the logo, our company name also went though changes with each logo.

SopanTech (2008)

This was the first company logo and company was founded with name SopanTech.

First Logo



SopanTech Solutions (2009)

This was the second logo and with this logo, the name of company was changed from just SopanTech to SopanTech Solutions.

Second Logo




Sopan Technologies (2010)

And then we revised the logo again along with company name. Finally, the company was legally registered in year 2010 but change in company name was not intentional. We were trying to get the company registered as SopanTech Solutions, however due to some issues we didn’t get that name and we had to go with our second option which was Sopan Technologies. Later we realized that Sopan Technologies in fact represents our services in a more meaningful way.

Current Logo






P.S. – The word Sopan is a Sanskrit word which means “Step”. As far as we are concerned, it means step towards success. Cheers!!

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