Joomla Vs WordPress Vs Drupal

Today (25th May, 2011) Google launched a very interesting tool called Google Correlate. Google Correlate allows you to see a list of search terms whose popularity best corresponds with that real world trend. Using Google Correlate, you can easily figure out how various search terms vary in popularity over time.

Using this tool, we did a simple experiment and found some interesting facts about the varying popularity of the top 3 Open Source CMS (PHP), i.e. WordPress, Joomla!™ and Drupal.

First lets see how WordPress performed during last few years and how it is doing now a days based on the search data of Google.

Here goes Joomla!

And finally .. Drupal.

As you can see, the data is very interesting and a bit disappointing for Joomla!™ fans. WordPress is on constant rise since early 2004 with minor ups and down however the major trend is upwards. Joomla!™ peaked around 2009 and since then is declining in popularity. Drupal on the other hand is going sideways since 2009 and is kind of stable around normalized search index 1-1.5

Joomla!™ is the clear loser among these 3 (we are feeling too bad since Joomla!™ is our favorite among all three). We seriously hope Joomla!™ 1.6 wil change the picture to a good extent in near future by overcoming some of the long pending features like ACL and built-in multi-lingual support.

The clear winner is WordPress and there is no sign of it’s popularity slowing down in near future. Well done WordPress (and Google for creating this wonderful tool).

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